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  • Who is Musicology for?
    Musicology is for emerging creatives and artists looking for a welcoming and collaborative environment that can be used as a hub to develop and polish their product and brand through the network and resources that Musicology provides
  • What does co-working mean?
    Co-working means you can utilize the common areas of the Musicology Hub which include the Main Floor, Upstairs Lounge, and Conference Room
  • How do I get studio and/or media room access
    Booking studio or media room time will incur a separate fee based on an hourly rate. Musicology Members will receive priority when booking times and receive discounted rates based on membership level
  • Will I have 24/7 access to Musicology?
    Those with the Community Plan membership and higher will have 24/7 access to the common areas, however studio and media room access must be booked in advance. Gold and Pro Max members will have special privileges in regards to the studio and media rooms
  • Can I change my plan type at any time?
    Yes, you can upgrade your membership plan at any time. The rate will be pro-rated if you decide to upgrade while having a lower membership level
  • Can I sell my studio time to others?
    Yes! Members can rent out their time to others as long as they are on site with the guests. Members will also receive benefits and discounted rates for getting their peers to sign up with Musicology

Take Your Career to the Next Level

Here are the membership options:

  • Virtual Package

    Every month
    • Networking Opportunities
    • Pitch Opportunities
    • Consultations
    • Brand/Marketing Workshops
  • Community Plan

    Every month
    • Networking Opportunities
    • Pitch Opportunities (Sync - Film & Tv)
    • 1 Free Consultation per Month
    • Brand/Marketing Workshops
    • Free Access to Musicology events
    • Discounted Studio Time
    • Access to Content Creation Resources
    • Limited Access to Co-Working Space
  • Pro Plan

    Every month
    • Networking Opportunities
    • Pitch Opportunities (Sync - Film & Tv)
    • 3 Consultation Sessions per Month
    • Brand/Marketing Workshops
    • Priority Bookings
    • Unlimited Access to Facility (Co-Working Hours)
    • Free Access to Musicology Events
    • Access to Content Creation Resources (Camera's, Editing)
    • Unlimited Sessions - Royal Room
  • Pro Max Plan

    Every month
    • Access to Online Content
    • Pitch Opportunities (Sync - Film & TV)
    • 4 Consultations Monthly
    • Brand/Marketing Workshops
    • Access to Podcast Room
    • Unlimited Access to Facility (Co-Working Hours)
    • Host Events for Free
    • Access to Content Creation Resources
    • Unlimited Access to - Royal Room
    • Unlimited Access to - Plaque Room

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